False Killer Whales off Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau

Tagging False Killer Whales with Transmitters in Hawaii

This is the most recent endangered Marine Mammal information from Kauai, A project lead by Robin Baird backed by Cascadia research, It is truly amazing work using state of the art technology to try and satellite tag these rare and amazing creatures. Tagging a whale this is no easy feat! Ever tried to tag a moving target while your trying to keep your balance on a bucking horse? That is what it is like on the Hawaiian seas, You really have to love what you do, I have seen Robin after a bad day where no tags or encounters were made, he looked like he had done 10 rounds with the pacific ocean and ended up getting TKOed. I have seen him after a jackpot of tags made and incredible photo shots, well lets just say he was close to walking on water, the main thing is to appreciate what it took to get this incredible satellite map, and the photos of these incredible rare Mammals. Follow this link to see the paper Robin published of his research: https://www.cascadiaresearch.org/hawaii/BairdHFN2013.pdf

False Killer Whale off of the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Robing is also undertaking a field project off Kona that began on October 18th and has been posting amazing updates at https://www.cascadiaresearch.org/hawaii/OctNov2013.htm

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